Episode 112

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21st Feb 2022

Ep.112 - T. Renee' Smith - Unchartered Discussions

The conversation with T. Renee' Smith continues to unchartered waters...Reframing business Mindset and Resilience. Analyzing how to be ready for scaling up your business.

T. Reneé Smith, CEO of iSuccess Consulting, Inc. is known as the “Business Scalability Strategist.” She is dedicated to empowering 1 million CEOs globally to build a holistic life and business. More than two decades ago, T. Renee began her first business at age nineteen, on credit, with no experience, or even a business plan. As a result, she was forced to file bankruptcy, was imprisoned and had to rebuild both her life and company from scratch. Using these experiences as guideposts, T. Renee translates the tough lessons of her own business failures and successes in her best-selling book, The CEO Life®.

T. Renee' has helped raise more than $30 million in capital for small businesses and is the secret weapon behind many successful corporate minority business development programs including Delta Air Lines. T. Renee' is a wife and mom to two very active boys and a bonus daughter.

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