Episode 105

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13th Dec 2021

Ep.105 - Linda Bonnar – Embrace yourself

Chatting with Linda Bonnar brings up a lot of good vibes and commitment of oneself and others. Analyzing Impostor Syndrome: what is it and how to deal with it. Explaining what's the difference between Anxiety & Worry, and how can we manage them better.


Linda Bonnar is a Personal & Corporate Coach, Author, Trainer and Educational Wellbeing Consultant based in New York City. Passionate about empowering others to succeed, Linda partners with business executives and future leaders across the globe, to overcome the complexities with regards to people development, talent management and organizational success. Committed to excellence, Linda equips her clients with a range of skills, tools, and techniques to overcome challenges successfully and move forward confidently, allowing them to thrive in life and not just survive the “daily grind”.

Linda is an ICF (International Coach Federation) Professional Certified Coach, a Master NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Coach & Practitioner and is currently undertaking a diploma in Positive Organisational Psychology. As a corporate coach and trainer, Linda has worked with individuals from global companies such as Google, Warner Media, Oliver Wyman, Guardian Wealth Management, Salesforce, and Chevron.

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