Episode 122

Published on:

2nd May 2022

Ep. 122 - Unchartered Discussions - Nischa Phair

The conversation with Nischa Phair continues to unchartered waters…Reframing pleasure and sexuality. Analyzing the toxic dating culture and how to build healthy relationships.

Nischa Heron Phair is an author, researcher, trauma-informed pleasure educator. She works with survivors and those recovering from unhealthy relationships to help them reclaim a nourishing, authentic and soulfully aligned relationship to pleasure that supports them to live more purposefully in every area of their lives.

Her book, Fawn: When No Looks Like Yes, is the first book to be written about fawning in the context of sex and consent. In addition to sounding the alarm, Phair attempts to answer the million-dollar question: How can sex and intimacy thrive in a post-#metoo, post-pandemic reality? Part exposé, part self-study guide, part memoir, Fawn is a rousing and heartfelt call to celebrate our authentic sexuality and to invite more integrity and intention into our sex lives and relationships, whether they be casual or long-term.

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You can connect with Nischa Phair here

web: www.nischaphair.com

book: www.nischaphair.com/fawn-book

IG: @nischaphair

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