Episode 124

Published on:

16th May 2022

Ep.124 - Uncharterd Discussions - Asmaa Alkuwari

The conversation with Asmaa Alkuwari continues to unchartered waters…Reframing empowerment and success. Analyzing the limiting beliefs that are caused by social and gender stereotypes

Asmaa Alkuwari, a multipotentialite. She is an Empowerment coach (From ICF) who's main purpose is to cater to empowering female leaders to be the best version of themselves. On top of being an empowerment coach, Asmaa is also an Embodiment Coach certified from the Somatic School in UK, she is also a digital humanist and a marketeer.

With her 11 years of experience in the corporate world specializing in marketing, product development and digital experience, and 5 years experience in Coaching, Asmaa has paved the way for creating coaching awareness in Qatar. She was the first Qatari woman to hold the position of the President for the international Coaching Federation chapter in Doha, and has created her name to be one of the youngest coaches in Qatar that serves its clients to better themselves. With her purpose on empowering women, She founded a program called "Juthoor" in 2020 which means roots, alongside two other amazing women coaches, to support women to get back to their roots and connect with themselves (mind, body and soul).

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You can connect with Asmaa Alkuwari here

Website: www.asmaaconsultancy.org

Instagram: @coach_asmaaa

Linkedin: Asmaa Saeed Alkuwari

Email: asmaa@asmaaconsultancy.org

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